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I had an important meeting but after that, I couldn't resist a drive along Lighthouse rd. in the afternoon sun.
It was gettin warm, in the mid 80's and that meant some of the larger flocks may have moved off shore or to the farther inland reaches of the ponds.
Nevertheless, you will always find some beautiful creatures t photograph if you are just patient.
View over Orchard Pond with the Visitor Center.Watch Where You Walk-The Youngsters are EverywherePrickly thistle topped with Lovely LureWhatever angle is needed to  quench its thirstFully Spread BeautyPalamedes SwallowtailAnd again....Sunday Afternoon FishermanKeeping a Watchful Eye OutA Welcome Return to the NestA cute almost cuddly pair.A Northern Shoveler DrakeNot exactly a Beautiful Pair of DucksOne Lucky DrakeThe American WigeonA Dabbling DuckAnd the Prize goes to........A much more dapper pair.A cute group of true Divers

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