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I had an errand to run to St. Marks, it was close to lunch and already nearly 90 so I didn't expect much wildlife to be stirring.
I was surprised to see the old "cabin" gone-knew it would happen-but didn't realize it Had happened.
So I took a few shots to document it's departure. They would fit right in with the shots I had previously taken, for the archives, as our last PhotoClub met here.
Then just a quick drive around and I was right, not much was afoot but still managed to take a few shots.
Visitor Center in February.Cattails in the early morning sunThe Way it WasCabin is GoneMaking way for a new structurePickerelweed in Plum Orchard PondVisitor Ctr. in JuneA dominate speciesWater-Lilies in East River PoolMirror ImageEnticingly BeautifulColorful ContrastEastern KingbirdTyrannus tyrannusShowing his colorful epaulets.Bee my polinator pleaseSame Bumblebee, Different Wildflower

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